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This page is about the Steam Engineer added by Flaxbeard's Steam Power. For other uses, see Steam Engineer.
Steam Engineer
ModFlaxbeard's Steam Power
Technical details
First appearance0.23.0

The Steam Engineer is the villager found in Steam Workshops from Flaxbeard's Steam Power. They can be identified by their brown clothing and goggles wrapped around their forehead. Aside from the items they can buy and sell, their housing, and their appearance, they are exactly the same as a normal Villager.

Steam Engineer.png


Trade Offer

8-10 Brass Plates

1 Emerald

2 Emeralds

1 Brass Turbine

2 Emeralds

1 Brass Piston

1 Emerald

2 Pipes


Version history
0.23.0ADDITION: Added FSP villager
0.29.0FIX: Improve performance by dynamically setting needed villager fields accessible only once, instead of every tick.
FIX: Improve performance by not using unneeded Java reflection in the following areas: pre-initialization, Extendo Fist range extending/checking, Steam Whistle sound playing/checking, villager updates, Blood Magic integration, Botania integration (#353).
FIX: Replace all references of getEntityId or getEntityById with an IExtendedEntityProperties class (one for players, one for villagers). This should improve performance, predictability and reliability of the code (PR #343, and inadvertently PR #350).