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This page is about the Steam Dynamo added by Thermal Expansion 3. For other uses, see Steam Dynamo.
Steam Dynamo

Mod Thermal Expansion 3

Other forms
Energy Production
MJ output {{{mjoutput}}} MJ/t
MJ buffer {{{mjbuffer}}} MJ
EU output {{{euoutput}}} EU/t
EU buffer {{{eubuffer}}} EU
{{{1outputtitle}}} {{{1output}}} EU/t
{{{1buffertitle}}} {{{1buffer}}} EU
Output 4RF/t - 80RF/t
Buffer 40000RF
Explosive No
Locks down? Yes

The Steam Dyanamo is a machine added by Thermal Expansion 3. It is a dynamo that produces Redstone Flux (RF) from combustible solids and water or steam that is piped in. The Steam Dynamo will not work if not supplied with either steam or water and fuel such as Coal to burn.


The Steam Dynamo is added by Thermal Expansion. It can either be provided solid fuel and water to produce power or directly given steam through fluiducts or some other method of liquid transport to produce RF. It uses steam at a rate of 40mB/t and produces 80 RF/t if the steam buffer is over halfway full. One of the useful features of the steam dynamo is like the other dynamos it has an auto-throttle system. As the internal buffer of the Steam Dynamo goes up it will throttle the power production and steam use down until it reaches 4RF/t.