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This page is about the Steam Drill added by Flaxbeard's Steam Power. For other uses, see Steam Drill.
Steam Drill

ModFlaxbeard's Steam Power
Technical details
First appearance0.21.5
Flaxbeard's Steam Power Information
Journal entry Steam Tools
Following the successes of my rock smasher and thumper, I ventured to make more portable versions of these rock-breaking tools. Finally, my work has come to fruition, in the form of the steam drill, saw, and shovel. These three tools can be filled with steam and do not break.
They must be spun up in order to be used effectively. Right clicking while holding a tool will spin it up, using steam, and speed up the tool. Unlike normal tools, mining itself does not use steam.
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The Steam Drill is a tool from the Flaxbeard's Steam Power mod. The Steam Drill is a mining tool that is powered by steam. It must be wound up before use, and while it is spinning, will use steam. To spin it, the use button must be held down until the second durability bar is at the desired amount. It will never break. Steam will not be used when it mines blocks, but will instead be used when it is spinning. It can be filled with steam in the Steam Filler machine. It deals 1 damage. It mines at the same level as an Iron Pickaxe.

Technically, it can be used without being spun first, but it runs at such a slow speed that is entirely impractical.

The Steam Drill can be upgraded in the Engineering Table. It has a head slot, and a core slot. Many upgrades alter functionality largely, increase steam usage, and increase or decrease mining speed. The mining level can be changed by use of the Steam Drill Head upgrades.



Version history
0.21.5ADDITION: Steam powered tools
0.24.0CHANGE: Tweaked steam tools
BUGFIX: Steam tools no longer break when they run out of steam
BUGFIX: Steam tools mine correct blocks (Axe now mines slabs quickly, etc)
0.28.1NEW: Steam consumption for Steam Tools is now configurable
0.290NEW: Steam Tools can now be upgraded in the Engineering Table. Each tool has a head slot, and a core slot. Some upgrades can be placed into the core slot of any tool!
NEW: Exosuit steam will now automatically power the steam tools if they run out.
FIX: Improve tool tick/speed saving. These values are no longer saved with the player, but with each individual tool. This fixes rendering weirdness when there are multiple tools on the screen. Unfortunately, this also brings a new issue that will not be fixed until post-1.7.10, where the reequip animation plays a few times when winding up the tools.
FIX: Improve performance of Steam Exosuit, Survivalist's Toolkit, and Steam Tool events (#354).
0.291FIX: Don't modify tool NBT while mining. This resolves a bug preventing the tools from mining at all
0.292FIX: Fix steam tools ever losing steam such that they would break (#399).
FIX: Drain the proper amount of steam from the Exosuit when the tools have run out of steam, and they get revved (#400).
FIX: Fix NullPointerException when using fake players with the steam tools, like the tablet from Thaumic Tinkerer or Thermal Expansion's Autonomous Activator (#385). This also prevents crashes from mining non-standard (instantly broken, like tall grass) blocks (#392).
FIX: Non-steam tool items no longer get the Ticks and Speed NBT tags set to them. This solves an issue with item stacking (#389)