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This page is about the Steam Boiler added by Pressurized Defence. For other uses, see Steam Boiler.
Steam Boiler

ModPressurized Defence
TypeTile entity
Blast resistance30
Technical details
Registry namepressurizeddefence:boiler
Unlocalized nametile.pressurizeddefence.boiler

The Steam Boiler is a tile entity added by Pressurized Defence. It is used to produce Steam from solid fuels. Fuels burn for the same amount of time that they burn in a Furnace, and while burning will passively produce 1 steam per tick.

When full of steam, it will finish burning the active fuel without producing any more steam, and then once completed it will not burn any fuels provided as long as the steam is full.

It can store 10,000 Steam, and has 1 slot for fuels.

Items can be input/output automatically by any face except the top. The top face is used to extract steam.

It cannot currently be crafted.