Steam Alloy Smelter

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Steam Alloy Smelter

ModGregTech 5
TypeTile entity
Tooltip textCombination Smelter
Next tier
Steam storage16000 L
Steam usageup to 32

The Steam Alloy Smelter is a Bronze Age Steam Machine added by GregTech 5 used to combine (smelt) two metals into another (alloy). As an example, it can be used to combine Copper and Tin into Bronze, and does so more efficiently than Dusts crafted together.

The Steam Alloy Smelter is the most energy-intensive Steam machine; at up to 32 L/tick, it requires 6 Small Coal Boilers or Simple Solar Boilers to run continuously.

As with all GregTech machines, the Steam Alloy Smelter can be rotated with a Wrench (right- click), dismantled with a Wrench (left-click) and activated/deactivated with a Soft Hammer.


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