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This page is about the Staff added by Roots 2. For other uses, see Staff.

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The Staff is a tool added by Roots 2. It is used to cast Spells. The Spell must first be attached to the Staff by using Petal Dust in the Imbuer. Use the Book of Spellcraft to create the appropriate Petal Dust with the Mortar and Pestle for the Spell desired. Put the Petal Dust in the Imbuer by right-clicking and then add the Staff by right-clicking. A transformation will take place and the Staff will be ejected for collection.

Then, the appropriate reagents are needed. Each time the Staff is used, it needs a small amount of reagent. Some spells use one, others require a combination. Reagents are stored in the Herbal Pouch. Looking at the Staff in inventory will state the reagent needed, along with the quantity used per Spell.

Each staff has a total of 4 spells slots, which can be rotated through by shift right-clicking. When imbuing a spell, it will be imbued into the currently selected spell slot.


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