Stabilized Rift Signature

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Stabilized Rift Signature

ModDimensional Doors
Tooltip textFirst click stores a location,
other clicks create rifts linking
the first and last locations together.

The Stabilized Rift Signature is a tool from Dimensional Doors. It is used to create Rifts, which can then be combined with Warp Doors to instantaneously travel between locations in the same dimension. The player must have a Stable Fabric in their inventory for the tool to work. Rifts can be removed with a Rift Remover.



To create a Rift, the player must first use the tool on the starting location. Then, they must use it on the location that they would like the place that they teleport to to be. Then, or before, they must place Warp Doors on those locations, and it should allow for instant teleportation between the two locations.

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