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SquidUtils will read and load all files ending with ".script" in "config/SquidUtils" as script files on startup. The commands in this script can be used to trigger certain reactions if an event occurs, or to fine-tweak certain aspects of the game.

General Syntax

Each command spans one line, the commands are terminated by a newline. The command and its arguments are generally separated by blank spaces. Refer to below for the synax on specific commands.

Lines starting with '#' are ignored as comments.

List of commands


With this command you can trigger certain actions to happen if a certain condition is met.


on [trigger] [event arguments] action=[action] [action arguments]

The following triggers are available:

  • entityjoin
  • hurt
  • smelt
  • craft
  • toss
  • heal
  • teleport
  • starve
  • achievement
  • hungerregen
  • interaction
  • explosion
  • command
  • chat

The event arguments and the action arguments are space-separated lists of key-value pairs. The following event arguments are available:

  • minhealth=[value]
  • maxhealth=[value]
  • minarmor=[value]
  • maxarmor=[value]
  • minchance=[value] - The numerator of the chance
  • maxchance=[value] - The denominator of the chance
  • item=[item name]
  • entitytype=[entity type name]
  • chattrigger=[string]
  • commandname=[name]
  • hasperm=[permission]
  • missingperm=[permission]

The following actions with their respective arguments are available:

  • explode size=[value]
  • damage damageamount=[amount]
  • applyeffect effect=[potion ID]:[duration]:[level]
  • addexperience experience=[amount]
  • setsprinting
  • setinvisible
  • difficulty difficulty=[value]
  • cleareffects
  • placeblock blocktoplace=[block name]
  • setburning duration=[seconds]
  • setfoodlevel foodlevel=[value]

Other mods can add custom triggers, arguments and actions using SquidUtils' API.

Example: This will, with a chance of 3/4, light an entity on fire for 3 seconds whenever they're healed between more than 5 HP:

on heal minchance=3 maxchance=4 minhealth=5 action=setburning duration=3


This command allows modification of existing blocks' properties as well as creation of new blocks. If StarStones is installed, meteor blocks can also be created.


block modify property=(hardness|slipperiness|resistance|texture) value=[value] block=modid:blockname
block modify property=drops action=[remove] item=[modid:itemname] block=modid:blockname
block modify property=drops action=[add] item=[modid:itemname] minchance=[integer] maxchance=[integer] minamount=[integer] maxamount=[integer] block=[modid:blockname]
block create type=(basic|glass) name=[name]
block create type=meteor name=[name] meteortype=(STONE|END|ICE|OBSIDIAN|HELL)

Textures can be provided by a resource pack, they have to be placed in "assets/SquidUtils/textures/blocks".


This command allows changing stack sizes and durabilities of items. Also, custom foods and items can be created.


item modify item=[modid:itemname] property=(stacksize|maxdamage) value=[integer]
item modify item=[modid:itemname] property=[tab] value=[tabname]
item create type=[food] name=[name] bars=[integer] saturation=[integer] wolfs=[boolean]
item create type=[food] name=[name] bars=[integer] saturation=[integer] wolfs=[boolean] potionid=[integer] duration=[integer] amplifier=[integer] chance=[decimal]

The last 5 parameters are optional. They allow making the food edible even when you're full, and allow it to inflict potion effects upon eating.

Textures can be provided by a resource pack, they have to be placed in "assets/SquidUtils/textures/items".


With this command you can disable chat commands or create new simple ones.


command disable name=[name]
command create type=info name=[name] description=[description] text=[text]
command create type=web name=[name] description=[description] url=[URL]
command create type=basic name=[name] description=[description] requiresop=(true|false)

Description, text and URL must not contain spaces. Instead, '_' will be substituted for a blank space.

"info" will display the specified text.
"web" will download a text file from the URL and display its contents.
"basic" will do nothing, and is intended for use with the "on command" command.

Example: This command will create a "/hello" command that displays "Hello World!" when used. Typing "/help hello" will show "shows a Hello World message".

command create type=info name=hello description=shows_a_Hello_World_message text=Hello_World!


This command can be used to create new creative tabs.


tab create name=[name] icon=[item to use as image] [list of items]

The list of items is separated by blank spaces.


This command can be used to add furnace recipes, shapeless recipes with a single input item, and explosive recipes. Explosive recipes will create an explosion when the specified item is being thorwn, converting it to another item in the process.

The command can also be used to remove all crafting recipes for a given item, or all crafting recipes whatsoever.


recipe create type=(shapeless|furnace) input=[item] output=[item]
recipe create type=explosive input=[item] output=[item] size=[explosion size]
recipe remove item=[item]
recipe remove type=all