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Spirit World

The Spirit World is an alternate dimension added by Witchery. It appears as a mirror of the Overworld in topography. When a player enters the Spirit World, they leave most of their gear and inventory items behind; if Baubles is installed all equipped baubles will transfer over. The Spirit World is the only source of Wispy Cotton, Disturbed Cotton, and the Mellifluous Hunger, the latter of which is dropped by Nightmares. Using Mutandis on plants can result in Nether Warts, when in this dimension.

Additionally, Brews of Flowing Spirit can only be created in the Spirit World. Circle Magic does not work in the Spirit World, and Endermen do not exist in this dimension.

Entering the Spirit World

Entering the Spirit World can be done in a few ways. A player can eat an Apple of Sleeping, drink a Brew of Sleeping, or go through a Spirit Portal.

When a player enters the Spirit World, they will enter in either a Dream, or a Nightmare—the latter is more common, especially without proper Dream Weavers. There are also Demonic Nightmares, which are much harsher than normal nightmares. Information about them can be found at the bottom of this article.

Nightmares will force the Nightmare monster to spawn, stalk, and attack the player when they are in the world. Nightmares are perpetually in nighttime and Dreams are perpetually in daytime. Icy Needles will always stay in the player's inventory, along with Mutandis.

The chance of a Nightmare occurring can be reduced by setting up a proper environment around the player. A variety of different blocks have different effects on whether the player will experience a nightmare or not. Blocks within an eight-block radius (including those on the vertical axis) of the player can have an impact. The table below describes how much different blocks increase or decrease the chance for a nightmare, and the maximum number of blocks of this type which can have an effect. The chance will only be modified if a Dream Weaver of Nightmares is within range.

Block Chance change Maximum blocks

Dream Weaver of Nightmares
-50% 1

Flowing Spirit
-10% 3

Wispy Cotton
-10% 2

Demon Heart
+35% 2
Fire +10% 3

Exiting the Spirit World

When a player dies in the Spirit World, they will return to the Overworld. An Icy Needle can also be used to return. If the body of a player travelling in the Spirit World is slain in the Overworld, the player will be forcefully awoken.

The player's equipment in the Spirit World is retained upon returning. Icy Needles will always stay in the player's inventory. Wispy Cotton, Disturbed Cotton, Mellifluous Hunger, and Brews of Flowing Spirit can pass through from the Spirit World to the Overworld but not the other way around.


The Rite of Manifestation can be used to improve traveling between the Spirit World and the overworld. If a player has used the Rite of Manifestation, they can enter and exit through Spirit Portals.

Demonic Nightmares

Demonic Nightmares are a form of Nightmare that will involve fiery rain and Demons. To enter a Demonic Nightmare, the player must drink a Brew of Sleeping near a Dream Weaver of Nightmares, a pool of Flowing Spirit, and a placed Demon Heart. There is only a small chance that a demonic nightmare will occur.

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