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This page is about the Speed Modifier added by Environmental Tech. For other uses, see Speed Modifier.
Speed Modifier

ModEnvironmental Tech
TypeTile entity
Blast resistance300

The Speed Modifier is a block added by Environmental Tech. It can replace Null Modifiers on certain multiblock structures, changing how they perform.

When used in a Void Botanic Miner, Void Ore Miner or Void Resource Miner, it will reduce the time between each operation by 30% but increase the Redstone Flux (RF) cost per operation by 12%. Those effects stack multiplicatively, meaning that, for example, 2 Speed Modifiers will reduce time by 51% and increase energy cost by 25.44%. Void Miners have a maximum speed they can reach, meaning that all Speed Modifiers above a certain number will only increase energy cost.

When used in a Ranged or Personal Nano Bot Beacon, it grants players the Speed potion effect, increasing movement speed.