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This page is about the Speed magical ability from Witchery. For other uses, see Speed.
Witchery Information

Observations of an Immortal
...strength was flowing into him, the more he drank, as the nights progressed, the stronger he became...
...it was on the forth night after his mastery of drinking, that the world slowed down...
Ability type Vampire
Required level 4
Maximum blood {{{bloodmax}}}
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Altar Power required for brew {{{altarpowerbrew}}}
Altar Power required for ritual {{{altarpowerritual}}}
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Speed is a Vampiric non-passive level 4 ability from Witchery. This power is non-passive, so it requires the player to use their use key with it equipped in the added hotbar slots. This ability will give the user the jump boost and speed effects for a short duration of time. The strength of these effects can be increasingly doubled, if the player is a higher level Vampire, by using it more than once sequentially. It has a maximum of 5 uses per effect, allowing for 10x the strength. It costs blood to use this effect.