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Sparkly Pants
Modicon SparklyPants.png
Current developersSatanicSanta
Supported Minecraft versions1.7.10

Sparkly Pants is a mod made by SatanicSanta, based on a joke made by 1SDAN on the FTB Forums. It adds a pair of pants that sparkle, and make the user a self-proclaimed pop star.

You know, everyone adds functional backpacks and shoes, and some add helmets of that too. But what really grinds my gears is the lack of respect for pants. Well I won't stand for it anymore! Why haven't we gotten something like Sparkly Pants that instantly make you a Pop Sensation

Sparkly Pants

Sparkly Pants

ModSparkly Pants
Tooltip textSo sparkly, you're practically a pop star!
Armor rating3 (Armor.svgHalf Armor.svg)

The Sparkly Pants is an item from the Sparkly Pants mod. It is an armor piece, and is worn in the leggings slot. It has the same stats as Golden Leggings. It appears to be enchanted, using the enchantment animation overlay, but does not have an enchantment at default.



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