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This page is about Soul Shards 1, from Minecraft versions 1.4.7 and earlier. For other uses, see Soul Shards.
Soul Shards
Modicon soulshards.png
Current developersShadwDrgn
Supported Minecraft versions1.4.7

Soul Shards is a mod created by ShadwDrgn that adds the eponymous item which allows the capture of "souls" of the mobs the player kills. These Shards can be placed into a Soul Cage, a block that acts similarly to a vanilla Mob Spawner. The Soul Forge is a special block that corrupts metals and Diamonds when fuelled by Corrupted Essence—an imperative process in the creation of Soul Shards.

Not only can Soul Cages spawn mobs normally unavailable in vanilla Minecraft, but at higher tiers (dependent on the amount of souls the Shard has captured) they can spawn mobs at higher rates while ignoring light levels.

The souls of most vanilla mobs, passive or hostile, can be stored in Shards. However, Villagers, Iron Golems, Snow Golems, Squids, the Ender Dragon, the Wither, and all Twilight Forest mobs cannot be stored in Shards. On the other hand, all Thaumcraft 3 mobs (Wisps, Angry Zombies, and Firebats) can.

Note: Witch souls can be captured even with their apparent relation to Villagers, whose souls cannot be captured.

Trapping Souls

In order to capture souls with a Soul Shard, the player must place the Shard on their hotbar. Next, the player must find the mob in which they want to 'tie' the Shard to and kill it. The Soul Shard will now be linked to that mob type and will only gain souls by killing that mob, e.g. if the player wants an Enderman Soul Shard, they must kill an Enderman.

The player can also capture souls by right-clicking on a vanilla Mob Spawner with a Soul Shard in their hand which will destroy the spawner and add 200 souls to the Shard. Note that the shard must already have at least one of the mob's soul inside it for the player to be able to right-click a Spawner.

Tier Kills Number of entities per spawn Seconds between spawns Extra effects
1 64 2 20 None
2 128 4 10 None
3 256 4 5 Does not require player to be close by
4 512 4 5 Does not require player to be close by; Mobs from other dimensions can be spawned
5 1024 6 2 Does not require player to be close by; Mobs from other dimensions can be spawned; Light-level does not matter; Spawner can be turned off via Redstone

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