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Soul Shard

ModSoul Shards Respawn
This page is about the item added by Soul Shards Respawn. For other uses, see Soul Shard.

The Soul Shard is an item added by Soul Shards Respawn. It is used to collect souls to power a Soul Cage.

When created it starts unboud. Killing any non-boss creature with an Unbound Soul Shard in the player's hotbar or off hand will bind it to this creature type and collect 1 soul. Once bound, it will only collect souls when killing creatures of the type it is bound to, and will continue to only do so when in the hotbar or offhand. Only a single Soul Shard can be filled/bound per kill. This process can be sped up by either using a Vile Sword or a weapon enchanted with Soul Stealer.

Right clicking a Monster Spawner with a Soul Shard bound to the same entity will destroy the Spawner and immediatly add 200 souls to the Shard. Shards bound to the same entity can also be combined in an Anvil, combining their soul count.

The Soul Shard will visually change appearance once it has collected 64, 128, 256, 512 and 1024 souls. It will no longer collect souls after reaching 1024.


To create an Unbound Soul Shard, the following structure must be built:

Once built, right clicking the central Glowstone block with a Diamond will destroy the structure and consume the Diamond to create an Unbound Soul Shard.