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This page is about the Soul Dust added by Better With Mods. For other uses, see Soul Dust.
Soul Dust

ModBetter With Mods
Technical details
Ore dictionary namedustWood

Soul Dust is an item added by Better With Mods. It can be used to make Dynamite and Potash. It can also be thrown into a Filtered Hopper with Soul Sand as a filter to add an additional soul to the hopper and create Sawdust as a by-product.


Soul Dust can be made in various different ways, generally when Bloodwood is produced into planks, these include: Crafting planks from Bloodwood in a crafting grid with an axe, punching or breaking Bloodwood, breaking Bloodwood tree stumps (using any tool), and cutting Bloodwood with a Saw. All of these methods can be tweaked in the config file of the mod.