Solid Fuel Aeroheater

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Solid Fuel Aeroheater

ModProdigy Tech
Tooltip textMakes hot air using Furnace fuels
Turn off with redstone signal
Blast resistance135
Technical details
First appearance0.1.0

The Solid Fuel Aeroheater is a machine added by Prodigy Tech. It will burn any Furnace fuel inserted into it in order to generate Hot Air and supply it to the block above.

Fuels will burn for the same time as they would in a Furnace, and the temperature will keep increasing as long as fuel is burning, up to 200°C. When provided with a redstone signal, it will stop burning any new items, but will keep working until the currently consumed fuel is depleted.

Heating Speed

Temperature range Heating Cooling
Ticks per °C Total heating time from 30°C Ticks per °C Total cooling time from 200°C
30-80 2 100 ticks 20 1720 ticks
80-100 10 300 ticks 15 720 ticks
100-125 24 900 ticks 8 420 ticks
125-160 40 2300 ticks 4 220 ticks
160-200 60 4700 ticks 2 80 ticks