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Soldering Alloy

ModGregTech 5

Soldering Alloy is a material added by GregTech 5, used to craft circuits and circuit components, and used in the alternate recipes for Rotor Blades. In GregTech 5 Unofficial, it is also used with the Soldering Iron to repair multiblock machines.


Soldering Alloy is made in an Alloy Smelter from nine parts Tin and one part Antimony. It may be made with any combination of ingots or dusts.

Total: ? EU
Usage: ? EU/t
Voltage: ? EU
Amperage: 1
Time: ? secs


Soldering Alloy is used in molten form in the Assembling Machine to craft Rotor Blades, NAND gates, and almost all Circuit items. It must be melted in the Fluid Extractor before being used in an Assembler. Tin or Lead may also be used in these recipes, but much less Soldering Alloy is required if it is used instead.

Since many of these recipes use the alloy in 16mb or 18mb increments, it may be useful to store and measure the alloy in the form of Nuggets (16mb) or Fine Wires (18mb) instead of ingots.

Soldering Alloy is also used with the Soldering Iron to fix the "Circuits burned out." problem. Tin or Lead may also be used for this purpose, but they are no less efficient.