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Solar Tower
Solar tower.png
ModImmersive Tech
TypeMultiblock structure

The Solar Tower is a 3x7x3 multi block added by Immersive Tech. Its primary use is creating Steam for the Steam Turbine using light focused from Solar Reflectors.

The power of the sun
The Engineer's Manual on Solar Tower


The Solar Tower requires:

Now, the Solar Tower must be surrounded with 4 Solar Reflectors. Each Solar Reflector must be constructed 5-10 blocks away from the Solar Tower. The center of the Solar Reflector (longer side) must align with the center of the Solar Tower.

A single Solar Reflector rquires:


when it is daytime the Solar Tower will convert any distilled water inside of it into steam at a steady rate. No maintenance is necessary as the machine only needs distilled water and sunlight to run.

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