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This page is about the Solar Panel from Project Red. For other uses, see Solar Panel.
Solar Panel

ModProject Red
Required modulesExpansion

The Solar Panel is a machine added by Project Red. It generates a maximum power of 140 W for the internal Electrotine Power system from the sun.

If the mod MineChem is installed, then you can decompose the Solar Panel with the Chemical Decomposer into 384 Silicon Dioxide, 48 Iron (Fe), 0 to 216 Carbon (C) and 0 to 6 Cellulose.



The Solar Panel can be connect to a power network with the Low Load Power Line on the side or with the Framed Low Load Power Line at the bottom. To generate energy no block must be between panel and sky.

The Solar Panel generates a maximum voltage of 100 V in the power network without energy consume. At full capacity, it generates a maximum output of 61 V and circa 2.25 A, which corresponds at a power of 130 to 140 W. After reaching this voltage and stabilization in the network, energy is transmitted to the consumer. If a new consumer is connected to the power network, the voltage decreases till a new equilibrium is reached in the power network. But to operate a machine a minimum voltage of 50 V on the power network is requiered.