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This page is about the Solar Panel added by GregTech 5. For other uses, see Solar Panel.
Solar Panel

ModGregTech 5

The GregTech 5 Solar Panel is a cover that can be attached to Wires, Machines, or Machine Blocks and produces EU from sunlight. A Solar Panel will generate EU when it can see the sun (daytime, not raining, and no opaque blocks above it). Solar Panels will also produce 1/8th of their rated EU/t during rain or nighttime. The basic tier will generate 1EU/t. There are Tiers for every Voltage, but they are disabled by default. All tiers of Solar Panels can be enabled in OverpoweredStuff.cfg. Each higher tier produces 4x the EU/t of the previous tier, except for the Solar Panel (8V) which produces 8x the EU/t of the base Solar Panel.


An Ultimate Solar Panel is made of:

  • 524,288 Solar Panels
  • 65,536 Advanced Circuits
  • 16,384 Ultra Low Voltage Transformers
  • 4096 Low Voltage Transformers
  • 1024 Medium Voltage Transformers
  • 256 High Voltage Transformers
  • 64 Extreme Transformers
  • 16 Insane Transformers
  • 4 Ludicrous Transforers
  • 1 ZPM Voltage Transformer

When broken down into basic materials, an Ultimate Solar Panel is made of: