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Solar Array
ModEnvironmental Tech
TypeMultiblock machine

The Solar Array is a multiblock structure added by Environmental Tech. It can generate massive amounts of Forge Energy from sunlight, and comes in 6 tiers.


FE production depends on the tier of the Solar Array, the Solar Cells that are used, as well as the current amount of sunlight the latter receive. This table gives the amount of FE generated per tick in plain sunlight assuming the array is not being obstructed:

Controller \ Solar Cells Litherite Erodium Kyronite Pladium Ionite Aethium
Tier 1 549 729 1,098 1,152 1,152 1,152
Tier 2 3,050 4,075 6,125 8,175 12,275 12,800
Tier 3 12,005 16,023 24,059 32,095 48,167 64,190
Tier 4 39,771 53,055 79,623 106,110 159,246 212,301
Tier 5 118,943 158,510 237,886 317,141 475,772 634,282
Tier 6 332,254 442,949 664,508 885,898 1,329,016 1,771,965

The final amount of FE/t is calculated using the following formulas:


  • FE/t is the final amount of FE generated per tick
  • cellGen is the amount of FE per tick each valid Solar Cell generates
  • validCells is the number of Solar Cells that can see the sky
  • sunlight is the amount of light coming from the sun, varying from 0 to 1 depending on weather and time of the day
  • maxEfficiency is the maximum efficiency that the Controller can support
  • averageEfficiency is the average efficiency of each valid Solar Cell
  • tier is the tier of the Controller

Both final FE/t production and FE generated by cells are rounded down to the nearest integer.

The maximum effiency of each Controller and efficiency of each Solar Cell are given below:

Controller Maximum Efficiency
Tier 1 1
Tier 2 2
Tier 3 4
Tier 4 8
Tier 5 16
Tier 6 32
Solar Cell Efficiency
Litherite 0.48
Erodium 0.64
Kyronite 0.96
Pladium 1.28
Ionite 1.92
Aethium 2.56


All structures can be built using the Assembler.

Tier 1

The complete structure is 5x2x5 and requires:


Tier 2

The complete structure is 7x2x7 and requires:


Tier 3

The complete structure is 9x2x9 and requires:


Tier 4

The complete structure is 11x2x11 and requires:


Tier 5

The complete structure is 13x2x13 and requires:


Tier 6

The complete structure is 15x2x15 and requires: