Smeltery Controller

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Smeltery Controller

ModTinkers' Construct
TypeSolid block

The Smeltery Controller is a block added by Tinkers' Construct. It is used to insert metals to be smelted by any Lava stored in Seared Tanks. It can be placed anywhere on the Smeltery except the base.



Right-clicking on the Controller will open its GUI. The left-hand side shows all the available slots for metals to be placed and smelted. Ores placed in here will double their ingot output (e.g., an Iron Ore will convert into 2 ingots of molten Iron). The right-hand side shows the amount of Lava left in Seared Tanks and the types and quantities (measured in ingots and nuggets) of molten metals currently stored in the Smeltery. The molten metal at the very bottom will be extracted first when a Seared Faucet is used; clicking on any molten metal in the GUI will place it at the bottom.