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ModTinkers' Construct
TypeMultiblock structure

The Smeltery is a multiblock machine added by Tinkers' Construct. It is used to smelt materials into their molten forms and create alloys. Molten materials can be cast back into solid materials by using a
Faucet and a
Smeltery Drain to pour the materials into a
Casting Table or a
Basin. The primary use of the Smeltery is to create metallic parts for tools.


The walls and base of the Smeltery are built with
Seared Bricks with a hollow interior to house molten metals. One of the wall blocks above the base must be a
Smeltery Controller. If the structure is a valid Smeltery, the Controller will light up and emit fire particles. One or more
Seared Tanks,
Gauges or
Windows should also be placed along the walls to store
Lava to melt down metals. A few wall blocks should be
Smeltery Drains outfitted with
Faucets to allow for extraction of molten metals onto
Casting Tables or
Casting Basins placed directly underneath.


Here is an example of a Smeltery layout. This kind of Smeltery can smelt 8 items at once (2x2x2) and enables casting on a
Casting Table or a
Casting Basin. The
Faucets should be connected to the
Smeltery Drains.

The Smeltery structure when completed.