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Smart Wrench


The Smart Wrench is a tool added by RFTools. It has two modes of operation, Wrench Mode and Focus Mode. Right-clicking with the item in hand will toggle between the modes.

In Wrench Mode, the Smart Wrench will have a blue handle and behave like most modded wrenches. In Focus Mode, the Smart Wrench will have an orange handle and can be used in the pairing of certain RFTools machines such as the Block Protector and the Endergenic Generator.

Wrench mode functionality varies from mod to mod. Right-clicking can be used to change the function of some blocks, for example remove a Thermal Expansion servo or toggle the state of an RFTools shield. Some blocks (such as chests) can be rotated with a right-click from a wrench. Shift right-click is used to pick up many machines.



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