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Sludge Boiler

ModMineFactory Reloaded
RF use30 RF/t
RF storage16000 RF

The Sludge Boiler is a machine in MineFactory Reloaded. The Sludge Boiler consumes Sludge (MineFactory Reloaded), generally produced by a Harvester, to produce various dirt-like materials.

Care should be taken when using a Sludge Boiler, as when it is active it applies Hunger and Poison potion effects to all entities within 5 blocks.



The Sludge Boiler can accept RF and Sludge from any of its sides, and will attempt to push items it creates out of all of its sides. Once it has created an item, it will not start creating another until the previous item has been exported.

Every tick, the Sludge Boiler tries to consume 10mB Sludge and 30RF. If it succeeds it increments its Work counter by 1. When its Work counter hits 100, meaning 1000mB Sludge and 3000RF have been consumed, one random dirt-related item will be produced.

Sludge Boiler Products
Item Random Weight Chance to produce [note 1]

Peat 10 5.65%

Ash 1 0.56%

Decaying Wheat 20 11.3%

Sand 50 28.25%

Dry Dirt 30 16.95%

Clay (Block) 30 16.95%

Dirt 10 5.65%

Gravel 10 5.65%

Red Sand 5 2.82%

Soul Sand 5 2.82%

Mycelium 3 1.69%

Podzol 2 1.13%

Netherrack 1 0.56%
  1. Item Random Weight / Total Random Weight, in this case 177, the value used in Resurrection