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Slippery Blocks

ModFalling Meteors Mod
TypeSolid block
Tooltip text1x Slippery [1 being replaced with the tier]
Technical details
Player speed[Per tier] 1x: 0.98
2x: 1.03
3x: 1.07
4x: 1.1

Slippery Stone, Slippery Oak Wood Stairs, or Slippery Blocks, are blocks added by the Falling Meteors Mod. They act much like Ice, in the fact they are slippery. However, they looks just like a normal block, and they will not melt.

There are four tiers of slipperiness. Refreezing a block will it up a tier, and each upgraded tier makes it more slippery.

Keep in mind freezing something like a Redstone Block or Glowstone will cause it to lose it properties; it will not glow or emit a signal.


Any block can be used for Slippery Stone, as long as it isn't a Tile Entity. Stairs can be used as well, however Slabs cannot.