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This page is about the Slime in a Bucket added by BetterStorage. For other uses, see Slime in a Bucket.
Slime in a Bucket


The Slime in a Bucket is a food item from BetterStorage. It is obtained by using an empty bucket on a Slime, Magma Cube, Blue Slime, Pink Slime, Maze Slime, or Thaumic Slime of their smallest form. The slime that is put into the bucket determines the item's special effects that it gives to the player.

Slime type Effects Food points Saturation
Slime Jump Boost II for 15 seconds 3 0.2
Magma Cube Sets player on fire for 2 seconds, Jump Boost III or IV for 10-20 seconds, Strength for 24-32 seconds 3 0.2
Maze Slime Deals 3 points of magic damage, Jump Boost for 4-8 seconds 3 0.2
Pink Slime 6 0.75
Blue Slime 3 0.2
Thaumic Slime Flux Taint, or, if that cannot be found by the mod, Wither for 160 seconds 3 0.2