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ModMineFactory Reloaded
RF Usage1000 RF/mob
RF storage16000 RF

The Slaughterhouse is a machine added by MineFactory Reloaded. It consumes energy to kill mobs in front of it to produce Liquid Meat or Pink Slime. Mobs killed by the Slaughterhouse are killed instantly and do not drop experience or standard mob drops.



The front face of the Slaughterhouse is its active face. When a Slaughterhouse is placed the active face is positioned away from the player. Every 10 seconds, the Slaughterhouse checks if there is a mob within a 5x5x5 area of its front face. If there is, it kills it, waits 5 ticks, and checks again. When the Slaughterhouse kills a mob, it consumes 1000RF and produces either Liquid Meat (87.5% chance) or Pink Slime (12.5% chance) proportional to the mob's size. The Slaughterhouse can accept RF input from any side except the front, and will automatically output fluid Meat or Pink Slime from all sides except the front.

The Slaughterhouse will not kill baby mobs.

Slaughterhouse Meat Production
Mob Meat Produced (mB)
Zombie 100
Skeleton 100
Enderman 186
Zombie Pigman 100
Cow 106
Mooshroom 106
Chicken 18
Pig 80
Sheep 106
Wolf 44
Horse 215
Villager 100
Iron Golem 361
Snow Golem 75
Slime (Small) 36
Slime (Medium) 144
Slime (Large) 576