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This page is about AtomicStryker's Singularity Compressor. For Immibis's or IndustrialCraft 2 Classic's version, see Singularity Compressor.
Singularity Compressor

ModAdvanced Machines (AtomicStryker)
Previous tier
Max EU input32 EU/t
EU useIdle: 3 EU/t
Working: 32 EU/t

The Singularity Compressor is a machine from the Advanced Machines mod. It is an upgraded version of the Compressor. It will explode if dismantled incorrectly, or supplied with a voltage too high. It will use 32EU/t if not upgraded with one or more Transformer Upgrade. This machine will go as fast as 75,000 PSI, though if Overclocker Upgrades are used it can go 155,000 PSI. By default, this machine will consume 3 EU/t while charging, idling, or processing items. It functions exactly like a compressor, though it has two output slots, and one modifier slot (see below)


Post-Version 5.2.1

Pre-Version 5.2.1


Place the machine and hook it up with some cables transferring low voltage EU (32EU/t). The machine will start out slowly, but then speed up when it is used more. When idled, it will slow down. To prevent this simply apply a redstone signal.