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Simple Powered Furnace

ModEnder IO
Tooltip textSmelts items with energy
Next tier
RF use15 RF/t
RF storage2000 RF
RF loss0.1 RF/t

The Simple Powered Furnace is a machine added by Ender IO. It is a basic powered Furnace, able to smelt items using Micro Infinity (µI).

Similar to Ender IO's other Simple machines, capacitors cannot be used in the Simple Powered Furnace, so its processing speed cannot be improved.

The machine constantly leaks 0.1 µI/t (2 µI/s) in addition to its energy usage during processing, and will continue to leak energy while not processing.

Uniquely, the Simple Powered Furnace does not have a direct upgrade. However, the Alloy Smelter can be seen as an upgrade to both the Simple Powered Furnace and the Simple Alloy Smelter, as it combines smelting and alloying functionality.