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Simple Generators
Simple Generators modicon.png
Current developersValykrieofNight
1.11.2: 0.11.0a
1.10.2: 0.10.6a
1.10: 0.6.2a
1.9.4: 0.6.2a
Supported Minecraft versions1.9.4-1.12.2
Depends onValkyrieLib

Simple Generators is a mod created by ValkyrieofNight.

The latest version (1.12.2- as of writing) adds 8 types of generators that produce RF power.

Each has its own up-gradable version that can accept up to 4 stacks of speed modifiers. The library depended on by the mod, (Also made by ValykrieofNight) provides a digital guide which documents exact specifications of each machine.

Each machine comes in two types - "Simple" and "Upgradable"

Types of generator

  1. Combustible Generator -Burns flammable solids such as coal and wood (any mod or vanilla item with a burn time).
  2. Culinary Generator -Burns foods
  3. Ender Generator: Burns the "Eye of Ender" or "Ender Pearl"*
  4. Nether Generator - Burns Nether Stars
  5. Soul Generator - Burns Mob Heads (including the Dragon Head)*
  6. Geothermal Generator - Burns Lava*
  7. Fluid Combustion Generator - Burns Fuel and Ethanol*
  8. Turbine Generator - 'Burns' Steam.

*The author implies that other items are usable but these are the only ones tested and provided in mod documentation

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