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This page is about the Silkworm from Ex Nihilo Adscensio. For other uses, see Silkworm.
ModEx Nihilo Adscensio
Technical details
First appearancev1.04

The Silkworm is an item added by Ex Nihilo Adscensio. It is used to produce String on limited resources maps (primarily Skyblock).


Silkworms cannot be crafted. The only way to obtain one is by using a Crook to break Leaves.


Infesting Leaves

Right-click on a leaves block while holding a Silkworm infests it; the infestation gradually spreads to adjacent leaves blocks. The infested leaves can be broken with a Crook to receive String and Silkworms, making this a renewable process. Infested leaves do not drop Apples or saplings.

As food

Cooking Silkworms in a Furnace results in Cooked Silkworms, which restore 2 points of hunger with low saturation.


Silkworms can be composted in either cooked or raw form by using them on a Wooden Barrel or Stone Barrel. Each silkworm contributes 10% to the required amount.