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This page is about the Signalum Security Lock added by Thermal Expansion 4. For other uses, see Signalum Security Lock.
Signalum Security Lock

ModThermal Expansion 4

The Signalum Security Lock is a component added by Thermal Expansion 4. It is used to upgrade the mod's machines to have security settings. It adds a tab to the right of a machine's GUI that allows for setting it into different security modes. The modes are Public Access, Restricted, and Owner Only. Public Access is the default mode that allows anybody to configure and pick up the machine. Restricted makes the machine unbreakable and unusable to those who aren't on the owner's TE4 friend list. The GUI for this can be brought up using /cofh friend gui. Owner Only does as the name implies, and makes the machine usable and breakable by the owner only.

The owner of a machine is the one who places it down first after the lock has been placed on it. The machine then remembers its owner forever.



The Redstone Furnace used here is an example; it can be any Thermal Expansion 4 Machine.