Sigil of the Green Grove

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Sigil of the Green Grove

ModBlood Magic
Tooltip textWho needs a green thumb when you have a green slate?

The Sigil of the Green Grove is a sigil added by Blood Magic. When activated, the sigil will speed the growth of all nearby plants in a manner similar to the Ritual of the Green Grove.


Note: The Blood Orb is not consumed in this process.

FTB Infinity Evolved

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Upon activating the Sigil of the Green Grove, additional growth ticks will be applied to all plants within a six block radius of the player. This effect will consume 150 LP per five seconds. Right clicking on a plant will cause a bonemeal effect to be activated on that plant, consuming 150 LP per click. This effect can only be applied to plants that can have their growth sped up by Bonemeal.