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Sifting Table
Block Sifting Table.png

ModGregTech 6

The Sifting Table is a hand-powered GregTech 6 machine. It is used to sift Purified crushed Gem ores into various Gems, and sift Sand and Gravel Ores into Purified Ores and Dusts.



The Sifting Table has no GUI. Inserting Sand, Gravel, or Purified Ore can be done by right-clicking the top side of the Sifting Table while holding the item to be sifted. This will cause the item to appear on top of the table. Right-clicking the top of the table 20 times will sift the input. This will cause the products to appear in the bottom half of the table (appearing as Sand in the color of the products). Right-clicking the Table from any side other than the top will remove the products.

The Sifting Table accepts automated item insertion and extraction. Hoppers and Pipes can pull items out through the sides or bottom, or push items in through the top. However, the top side must be opened in order to operate the machine.

Although it has no GUI, the Sifting Table does have an NEI recipe list display. The top-left corner on the surface of the Sifting Table contains a bright yellow "NEI" button, and right-clicking it will open an NEI recipe list for the Sifter.