Shredder (Hatchery)

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Blast resistance10
Max RF input100 RF/t
RF use20 RF/t
RF storage100,000 RF
This page is about the Shredder added by Hatchery. For other uses, see Shredder.

The Shredder is a machine added by Hatchery. It uses Redstone Flux to shreds items. Its main use is shredding Feathers into Feather Fibers and Feather Meal, but it can also shred Bone into Bone Meal and various flowers into their respective dyes. Items can be manually inserted or dropped on top of it, similar to a Hopper.

Shredding an item takes 5 seconds and costs a total of 2,000 RF, consumed at a base rate of 20 RF per tick.

It has 2 upgrade slots where RF Efficiency Upgrades, Speed Upgrades or RF Capacities can be inserted.