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This page is about the Shovel of the Earthmover from Thaumcraft 3. For other uses, see Shovel of the Earthmover.
Shovel of the Earthmover

ModThaumcraft 3
Thaumcraft 3 Information
Shovel of the Earthmover

Combining a wand of excavation with a thaumium shovel you have created a peerless digging implement.

When used to dig earth, sand and similar materials it will dig a 3x3 area instead of just one block.

The shovel can also be used for construction. If you right click on the side of a block, it will attempt to place a 3x3 horizontal section of the same material in the world as long as you have sufficient blocks in your inventory.

If shift is held while using this tool all its special properties are suspended and it functions like a normal shovel.

Required research Wand of Excavation
By combining a wand of excavation with a thaumium shovel you have created a peerless digging implement.

The Shovel of the Earthmover is an elemental tool added by Thaumcraft 3. It has similar digging speed and durability to the vanilla Diamond Shovel, however when used to dig up soft terrain material (Dirt, Gravel, etc.) it will dig in a 3x3 area around the target block vertically or horizonally depending on the face that was dug up.

The Shovel of the Earthmover can also build a horizontal 3x3 square when right-clicking on the target block. The shovel uses the same material as the targeted block to build and will use said blocks from your inventory to do so.

Sneaking while digging will cause the shovel to act as a normal shovel, digging a single block at a time.

The Wand of Excavation must be researched before the player can unlock the ability to research the Shovel of the Earthmover.





100 vis


Digs a 3x3 area horizontally or vertically depending on the face of the targeted block. Will cost durability depending on the blocks dug up around the targetted block (3x3 square will cost 8 durability).

Right-clicking a targeted block will construct a horizontal 3x3 square of that same block using blocks from your inventory. Costs durability depending on how many blocks are placed (9 blocks placed will cost 9 durability).

Sneaking while digging causes the shovel to act normally with no special qualities.

The Shovel of the Earthmover holds enchantments well as a Thaumium tool.