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This page is about the Shields added by Thermal Foundation. For other uses, see Shield.

ModThermal Foundation

Shields are tools added by Thermal Foundation. They are functionally identical to normal vanilla shields, but have different durability values.


Shields can be made out of various metals and gems:

The following recipe is disabled by default:


The Usage is indentical to vanilla shields. See the Minecraft Wiki.


Excavators have exactly the same stats as their shovel counterparts, except they have twice as much durability:

Material Durability
Stone 405
Iron 525
Gold 325
Diamond 1835
Copper 450
Tin 425
Silver 350
Lead 375
Aluminum 500
Nickel 575
Platinum 1675
Steel 675
Electrum 375
Invar 700
Bronze 600
Constantan 550

Recovering materials

Just like with other tools, it is possible to recover some of the materials used in the crafting process by using Thermal Expansion machines:

Each of those recipes has a 20% chance of producing Slag.