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Ars Magica 2 Information
Shapes dictate how the spell targets things. A shape can only appear once in a single spell. Shapes can be chained together to create spell stages, for example, a "Projectile AoE".
Occulus tabOffense, Defense, Utility

Shapes are a part Ars Magica 2's spell grammar. They determines how the spell is casted, such as whether an Ignition Spell will release as a beam of energy or consumes its caster in flames.

Shapes can be found having a golden square boarder. Depending on the shape's functionally, it is categorized into either the Occulus's Offense, Defense, or Utility tab.


There are three types of spell shapes: Targeting Shapes, Terminus Shapes and Principum Shapes

  • Targeting Shapes: Determines who the spell will target.
  • Terminus Shapes: Determines how the spell target outside entities. Shapes placed after a Terminus Shape will not be applied.
  • Principum Shapes: Determines the spell's behavior after its release.