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Shape Card

TypeSolid block

The Shape Card is an item added by RFTools. It is used to define areas of effect in several RFTools machines. For an extensive guide to using the Shape Card, see the in-game documentation RFTools Shape Manual and our guide All About Shape Cards.



Example default Shape Card GUI

Example modified Shape Card GUI

Right clicking the Shape Card in the air will open its GUI. At the top are two buttons that allow selection of a primitive shape and whether or not the shape should be hollow. As the player scrolls through the selections, a visualization appears on the right side. The visualization can be rotated clicking and dragging. The visualization can be scaled with the mouse wheel. Primitive shapes available are:

  • Box
  • Top Dome
  • Bottom Dome
  • Sphere
  • Cylinder (Vertical orientation only.)
  • Capped Cylinder
  • Prism (Stepped pyramid)
  • Torus (Donut)
  • Cone
  • Heart.

In the lower half of the GUI are six boxes that represent the dimensions of the shape, and the offset. These dimensions and offsets are listed X, Y and Z. Offset is the center of the shape, relative to the machine being used.

Selecting an area

Some machines, such as the Builder allow simple box areas to be selected by clicking on blocks. See Quarrying with RFTools for an illustrated example.

Complex shapes

Using Shape Cards with the Scanner, Projector and Composer, areas defined can be combined, added, subtracted and edited to create very complex shapes. Details on creating complex shapes will be covered in the guide All About Shape Cards.

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