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Shady Merchant
Shady merchant.png
ModExtra Utilities 2
TypeFriendly monster

The Shady Merchant is a type of Villager added by Extra Utilities 2. It sells to the black market, and sells rare objects for a low price. They naturally spawn in Villages and can be spawned by the player with a Spawn Egg.


The villager will exchange items for Emeralds, though they are all fake. Fake items look identical to their real counterparts until they are hovered over in the inventory. They will turn into a "cardboard" copy of that item with the name crossed out, it visually changes to match this. When the player buys from the merchant he splashes himself with a splash potion of invisibility and runs away. If it wears off he will act normally until the player approaches him again, at which point he will use another and run away. A Merchant only proposes one item to trade. When killed the villager drops the Emeralds the player paid with.

Price Traded item

1 Emerald

1 Diamond

1 Emerald

1 Block of Gold

1-2 Emeralds

1 Diamond Pickaxe (Efficiency 10, Unbreaking 6)

1-5 Emeralds

1 Nether Star

5 Emeralds


8 Emeralds

1 Block of Diamond

8 Emeralds

1 Block of Emerald

9-15 Emeralds

1 Dragon Egg

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