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ModMineFactory Reloaded
TypeSolid block

The Sewer is a block that collects Sewage from the block above it by default (Which can be upgraded with Upgrades). It produces Sewage depending on the amount of animals and how big the animals are; for example, a Cow produces more than a Chicken. It does not require power, and it generates 66 mB Mob Essence per point of XP.

If other Sewers are detected within range of one another, they temporarily stop working.


Thermal Expansion

Main article: Thermal Expansion 4


About every 1.5 seconds, an amount of sewage is dropped per mob.

The sewage produced:

  • Cows/Mooshrooms: 26mB
  • Sheep: 26mB
  • Pigs: 20mB
  • Chickens: 4mB
  • Ocelots/Cats: 11mB
  • Wolves: 11mB

The Sewer can only pump Sewage out 100mB a second by itself, though there is no restriction if a Plastic Pipe is used.