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Server Tools
Modicon Servertools
Current developersmathewprenger
Version1.8.9 -
1.7.10 -
Supported Minecraft versions1.8.9

Server Tools is a mod by mathewprenger designed around enhancing the Minecraft server experience. It adds a variety of tools and commands used for server administration. It has similar functions to CoFH Core and OPIS, but is designed for administrators, rather than users.


Server Tools has four modules: Core, Backup, Teleport, and Permission. Core is the main bulk of the mod, and is required to run any other modules from Server Tools. The others can be installed/uninstalled as the administrator pleases.


The Core module has many different basic functions and uses. It is required for the other modules to run. Newly generated chunks in the Minecraft world will have a bedrock layer that is one block deep. Blocks broken by players or fake-players can be logged, with a new file for each day. Block logging can be enabled/disabled. Users can be silenced from chat or be made to stand out in chat. When a user is silent, they will not be able to send any messages. When a user is voiced, they will have a + next to their name, similar to wikipedia:IRC. A message of the day, apart from the one in the server.properties file, may be shown to users when they log in. This message will be displayed in chat on user-log in, and will only appear to that specific player.

All of the commands listed here are the defaults. These can be changed and disabled in command.cfg.

Default Command Name Usage Description
/disarm disarm {player} Forces player to drop all inventory items
/entitycount entitycount {dimension} {entityname} Displays count of all entities in the world
/heal heal {username} Heals player to full health
/inventory inventory {username} Opens a player's inventory
/killall killall [entity] Kill all of a specified entity in the world
/killplayer killplayer [username] Kill a specific player
/memory memory Display used server memory
/motd motd Display the message of the day
/nick nick {nickname} Sets your nickname
/ping ping Show ping time to the server
/reloadmotd reloadmotd Reload the message of the day from file
/removeall removeall [blockName] {radius} Remove all of a specific block within a range
/setnick setnick [username] {nickname} Sets a players Nickname
/silence silence [add|remove|reload] {username} Silence a user in chat
/spawnmob spawnmob [mobname] {amount} Spawn a specific creature
/tps tps ["all"|dimID] Show ticks per second (tps) rate of server dimensions
/voice voice [add|remove|reload] {username} Voice user in chat
/whereis whereis [username] Show dimension and coordinates of a specific player


The Backup module allows the administrator to automatically and/or manually back up the server worlds. It can be configured to run on a schedule or performed manually. When the backup is performed, the world will be compressed into a zip file and added to the specified directory. Backups can be automatically deleted when the maximum age of the backup, maximum size of the directory, and maximum number of backups in directory are met. The oldest backup will always be deleted first.

Default Command Name Description
/backup Manually begins backup


The Teleport module allows for players to manually teleport around the Minecraft world. Players can set a home to teleport to. They can also set teleport locations that all users can teleport to. It also adds a command to teleport to the last place that the user teleported to or their last death location.

Default Command Name Usage Description
/back back Teleport self to last death location or last teleport location
/editteleport editteleport [set|delete] [teleportname] Set or delete a teleport location
/home home {set|clear} Teleport to or set your home teleport
/teleport teleport [teleportname] Teleport to a location
/tpdim tpdim [target player] [destination player]
tpdim [target player] [dim] [x] [y] [z]
Teleport across dimensions
/tprequest -d | accept | deny] Request to teleport to another player
Accept/deny teleport requests


The Permission module allows server administrators to create groups, which can have their own allowed commands and permissions. Groups must have a list of allowed commands, a list of members, a list of subgroups (if any), and a color for chat messages by users in that group. A subgroup is a smaller group, typically with less power, that is included in the main group.

Default Command Name Usage Description
/addperm addperm [cmd.perm] [groupname] Add a permission to a group
/addplayer addplayer [username] [groupname] Add a player to a group via Name
/adduuid adduuid [UUID] [groupname] Add a player to a group via UUID
/creategroup creategroup [groupname] Create a group
/listperms listperms {groupname} List all permissions for you or for a group
/removegroup removegroup [groupname] Delete a group
/removeperm removeperm [cmd.perm] [groupname] Remove a permission from a group
/removeplayer removeplayer [username] [groupname] Remove a player from a group via Name
/removeuuid removeuuid [UUID] [groupname] Remove a player from a group via UUID
/setgroupcolor setgroupcolor [groupname] [colorindex] Set the username color in chat for messages by members of the group
/setparent setparent [groupname] [parent groupname] Set the groups parent, the group it should inherit permissions from.

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