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The following is a guide designed to help server admins create and maintain a server.

Finding a Host

There are two ways of running the server. You can pay for a host like CreeperHost or if you have a good enough computer (or another decent computer) that can host it.

There are several things that come into play when choosing where your server is hosted:

  • How many players?
    • With 2-10 players on you need about 2-4GB of ram.
    • With 10-20 players on you need about 7-8GB of ram depending on how technical the server is.
  • How strong the server needs to be to support all the mods?
  • Will my personal computers be strong enough?

The best way to test if the server can handle it is trying it out.

Now that you have made your choice the tutorial will split into two sections.

Running it on a personal computer

  1. First thing is to download the server files from the FTB launcher.
  2. Extract all the files into a folder.
  3. Edit the start.bat (Windows) or the start.sh (Mac and Linux)
  • Xms512M and Xmx1G: These are, respectively, the lowest and highest amount of RAM the server can use; edit it as you see fit.
  1. Start the server:
  • Mac and Linux: Open terminal and do "cd (server file)" then "bash startserver.sh".
  • Windows: Double-click the start.bat.
  1. Connect to your server using the IP localhost.
  2. Forward your port. Port forwarding lets people outside your internet connect to the server. Every router is different; Googling your router model will help in setting up ports to forward.

Server Host

Creeperhost is extremely easy in the server software section as they have automatic buttons that install FTB packs. With other hosts it is a little more complex.

  1. Get FTP access then replace the .jar that they have with the ftbserver.jar(remember to rename ftbserver.jar to whatever they had. Then drop in the mods in coremods...etc
  2. Start the server. If it runs, great! If not ask your host on what to do.