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This page is about the Sequencer from Project Red. For other uses, see Sequencer.

ModProject Red
TypeSolid block
Required modulesIntegration

The Sequencer is a redstone circuit added by Project Red. It is a logic gate for complex redstone circuits and emits a redstone signal on the output sides for a set time and moves continuously to the next output (see Usage).



A Sequencer from "Project Red" with output sides indicated by WAILA and the GUI.

The Sequencer has four output sides for red alloy cables, redstone, an adjacent circuit, machine, lamp or anything that can be controlled with redstone signals.

It emits a redstone signal on one output till the pointer reaches the next output for a set time. Then, a redstone signal is emits to the other output. The pointer passes so all 4 outputs and start again with the first one. The total duration of the pointer to go through all four outputs so is 4 times the set time.

With a right-click on the gate, you can set the time for a signal transmission on one output from 0.2 seconds till about 7200 seconds (2 hours), with an accuracy of 50 milliseconds (0.05 seconds), in 50 milliseconds, 1 second and 10 second steps.

Using the screwdriver from Project Red, the orientation of the gate can be changed freely in all four directions.

Config options

If the sounds of the gate disturbing, they can be disabled in the "ProjectRed.cfg" configuration file (in the "config" folder) at the following line:

"General Settings" {
    # If set to false, logic gates will not make sounds.
    B:"Logic Sounds"=true