Sequencer (Extra Bees)

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This page is about the Sequencer from Extra Bees. For other uses, see Sequencer.

ModExtra Bees
Max MJ input200 MJ/t
MJ use10 MJ/t
MJ storage10000 MJ

The Sequencer is a second-tier machine added by Extra Bees. It is used to produce Templates for some basic bees.



Insert bees into the left slots and blank templates into the lower right slot. The bees will be used to fill the template with the default values of a species. The only usable bees for this list are:

  • Forest
  • Meadows
  • Modest
  • Tropical
  • Wintry
  • Common
  • Water
  • Rocky

Templates should be purified before being applied via the Splicer.

Queens produce the biggest step towards filling the template, followed by princesses, and finally by drones. Pure bred species double the progress.

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