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The Sequencer is a Redstone logic machine added by RFTools. It is used to send a pre-programmed sequence of Redstone logic pulses in response to a signal.


Sequencer Interface

The Sequencer's interface consists of an 8x8 grid of dots that represent logical ON/OFF states, Clear and Fill buttons that turn all the dots on or off, a mode selector and a delay setting. The mode selector offers 8 choices:

  • Once1 - Runs the sequence only once. Ignores further input until the sequence is complete.
  • Once2 - Runs the sequence only once. Restarts if another input arrives.
  • Loop1 - Run the sequence on a continuous loop. Ignore all inputs.
  • Loop2 - Run the sequence continuously, restarting on input pulses.
  • Loop3 - Run the sequence while input signal is high. Remember position and resume.
  • Loop4 - Run the sequence while input is high. Restart on no signal.
  • Step - Step through the sequence, progressing one step with each input pulse.


Further information

For further information on using RFTools to process Redstone logic, see the guide RFTools Redstone Logic.


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