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ModGregTech 5

The Sense is an item added by the GregTech 5. It is a Meta Tool. It can be crafted from Sense Blade of the desired material and Handle. The Handle is Stick, Steel Rod, Tungstensteel Rod or Blaze Rod. This tool can be used to harvest Crops on sticks in 5x5 square.

Sense has quadruple durability. It deals 1 damage less than a Sword, which is still good enough to use it as a weapon.


Parameters of the sense depend on the parameters of the material of the Sense Blade. The following table consists of the parameters of all possible senses. Any header can be clicked in order to sort the template by this property value. The desired material can then be found in the navigation box below.

Material Material Level Durability Mining Speed Attack Damage Enchantment