Self-latching lumar button

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Self-latching lumar button

TypeSolid block
Fig. 1: Unlocking a Self-latchable lumar button with a Lever on the same block.

The Self-latching lumar button is a block added by RedLogic. It glows in 16 different colors. Compared to the Lumar buttons and the Latchable lumar buttons, the Self-latching lumar button emits a continuous redstone signal if it is not pressed. If it is pressed, the redstone signal is terminated and the button is locked. The button can be unlocked by a secondary redstone signal for example a Lever or Button on the same block (shown in Fig. 1).

The button's modes can be switched between by shift right-clicking on it with a Screwdriver:

  • Default: The light turns off when the button is pressed.
  • Inverted: The light turns on when the button is pressed.
  • Always on: The light is always on.