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Selector Tag


The Selector Tag is a machine configuration item from Greg-API, a part of GregTech 6. It is used to allow for liquid-only input recipes, or by choosing one of its 25 settings to change which output to make from the ingredients. It is not consumed by use in a machine.


The other 24 configurations are made by specific shaped combinations of the Selector Tag with a Screwdriver.


Some example recipes that use the Selector Tag to configure which output to produce:

  • Freezing Water: Snow, Ice, Snowball, Ice cubes, Crushed Ice juice, etc.
  • Autoclave crystal growth: which size of crystal to make
  • Press Dynamite: small or large?
  • Loom: what to do with String; how thick a Wire
  • Distillery Biomass: Ethanol or Glycerol?
  • Laser Welder: how thick is the multi-ingot or multi-plate
  • Bath Paper and Glue: how thick?

Some machines are coded to need more inputs than some of their recipes actually take, so the Selector Tag of some related number is used to keep the other slot full: Boxinator, Distillery, and Electrolyzer.

Selector Tags also can be used in the inventory of a Battery Box or Crystal Charger to limit the amperage output.

The Selector Tag is now a component in making the Manual Selector Cover, in earlier versions it could be used directly as a selector cover of its number.